October 1st + Black Moon Rising + Sucking Out the Venom

October 1st + Black Moon Rising + Sucking Out the Venom
*Minor self harm discussion warning later in Personal Blog Post

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The Ouija Board Debate

The Ouija Board Debate

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Found my book mark last night ♥ Got these books today. I just wanted to say, I started ‘Deliver Us From Evil’, and the writer is so pompous and misguided just within the first 25 pages. Let me break down the Ouija board debate here. I’m going to lay this down from a witch’s point of view (Yes, I’m a witch).

There are people in this world who are terrified of Ouija boards, because folks like Ralph Sarchie, co-author of Deliver Us From Evil makes individuals fear mongers. In his book, any dabbling whatsoever in “the occult” (also known as “my personal beliefs”, thank you very much) will lead to demonic oppression and possession. I do not doubt that evil energies, spirits, and demons exist, but I don’t believe witchcraft of all kinds will summon these things. Do I believe witchcraft can summon these things? Yes. But you would have to willfully invite it in.

Let me truly start by saying the mind and spirit both are amazing things. I hold a steadfast belief that we can will things into existence with our mind and spirit. John Keel shared this same belief, author of The Mothman Prophecies. This is in the case of Ouija boards.


A little bit of history you can skip over: Ouija boards did not come to existence through a board game company. This form of spirit contact has been in existence for so long, made famous in the 1800s and early 1900s during the massive “spiritual movement” of which even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes books, was a part. It was used well before also, but its ultimate fame in America occurred after World War I and the Spanish Influenza outbreak. People were desperately wanting contact their prematurely deceased loved ones. Unfortunately, many of them were duped and financially “robbed” by fakes.


Back to Ouija boards and coming in contact with negative spirits. I do not deny that people have brought negative energy into their dwelling space by using Ouija boards since most of the time, these boards, being touted as a “game”, are often used by inexperienced people. It’s happened to me. It’s happened to friends. It’s a legitimate thing.

Remember me talking about willing things into existence? Ouija/spirit boards can be a harmless game or it can be real; it is all up to what you believe. If you really want to contact a spirit, you likely will. A nice spirit? Probably. A straight up demon? Probably. I believe it also depends how spiritually open you are (being an empath or medium for example).  Being an empath or medium makes you a “lighthouse” that just attracts spirits and non-human entities alike. You may experience these things with or without a Ouija board.

Personally, I consider it more than a game. I believe you can contact spirits with a board and planchette, and I believe, with proper protection in place, it’s no worse than using a pendulum, dousing rods, or tarot card readings even. All of those things make contact with the spirit world.

And that is pretty much what witchcraft involves… 

I dislike coming across witches who talk about Ouija as a dangerous thing, never to be used. However, they may mean it should never be used by inexperienced people, and I agree totally. Second: you might as well consider packing your witchy bags if you think a Ouija board is the straight portal to negative energy for even the most experienced diviner (and frankly, they shouldn’t use one, because believing they will come in contact with a negative spirit makes it more likely to happen, as I have already explained).

Why pack the witchy bags? Because spiritual contact is a regular thing for witches. We work  with spirits, angels, all kinds of beings on a daily basis (or whenever you practice)! My thoughts? Ouija boards are no worse than tarot readings or pendulums. You must be very careful and respectful always when you get on a spirit board, do tarot readings, use pendulums, etc., that’s it! Always do pre-protective spells, wear something protective (I wear my smoky quartz necklace or my amethyst and pentacle necklace whenever I do any witchy thing), and/or hold stones/have protective stones nearby depending on the work you’re doing (I do all three).

Personally, I prefer tarot and pendulums. Ouija boards just aren’t all that fun to me. Educate yourself and find what works for you.



The Lost Ones

Inspired by and Written for Jennifer Patino in 2014

The Lost Ones

My brothers and sisters,
sucking in words
of false prophets,
slipping through doors as a herd,
because this man knows who god is.
Reciting words verbatim
yet regurgitating what he’s saying.
Believe him.
He wouldn’t lie,
wouldn’t sin.
Learn that god is flames
and brimstone, sharp strokes
of lightning from the sky.
You need to fear him
though he loves you
like a father with a belt.
My brothers and sisters,
superglued and united,
are glorifying the lions
and kicking the mice.
Condemning the sinners
like they’re Jesus Christ.
Outside of the structure
with my own tailed kind,
we find God in places
through dirt paths
dense trees
Kudzu piles gripping
the branches
hanging low in the streams.
Because the sunlight warming
our faces makes us Believe.
We don’t need a man
with a golden book,
his wallet stuffed full.
The parishioner’s tight, blank
stares on his crooked mouth
as they absorb what they’re told.
He walks them to the edge of the water,
blessing them with ferocious, sobbing dips.
Women, men, children pulled
from the muck of the river,
dead from baptism we’re told.
There’s fear in our eyes
and coldness in their souls.
We run where it’s safe,
swiftly sometimes tripping
still escaping through the trees
until we stop. The leaves
comforting our knees
as we kneel
and pray for the lost ones,
because God doesn’t need an explanation.
You only need to feel.