PBP: Becoming Bilingual, etc.

I haven’t posted in a while. I haven’t forgotten anyone who bothers to read this. It’s just, I have nothing to talk about other than making Personal Blog Posts (PBPs), and I have been feeling my PBPs were boring. This one probably is too. They’re really for me more than anything. It’s cool if people like it, but I get it.

I’m having a Bipolar hypomanic state. Unfortunately, I’m also dealing with lithium toxicity. So it’s likely I will go off the lithium. Not bad, because I miss taking NSAIDs. Bad, because it typically controls my manias and hypomanias. We’ll just have to see what happens. I’m keeping safe right now.


I’m going to start a thing…current music for personal blog posts. Right now I’m listening to AURORA a lot later. I discovered her a few months ago, and I guess I just wasn’t ready for her music then. She’s fantastic though.


I recently acquired a Pusheen beanie, and I’m living in it. So much glitter and cats ❤


I’ve made paper flower that will be turned into bookmarks thanks to a glue gun and colorful paperclips. I’ll be making more, all going to friends and pen pals. I find the fabric flowers from Michael’s craft store, random buttons bought from Etsy (I needed tons of them), and I used Mod Podge to affix the button to the flower. So far that’s where I am. I think I will make more flowers tomorrow, then start glue gunning the paperclips on them.


Shopping tip: Check out discount stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, or Burlington (in the United States). I got the above for a steal at TJ Maxx. One’s a Kipling cross body bag, and the other is the Kipling 100 pencil case (it doesn’t hold 100 pens, but it holds A LOT). Also I’ve found lately that I dislike long purse straps, so I remove them and carry with the handles. I can fit a lot in the purse. It’s almost like having Mary Poppins’ carpet or Hermione Granger’s magical extension charm ^_^


So I’m picking up where I left off learning Japanese and Hiragana. I really love Living Language, and I’m using the Manga Way to supplement. It’s actually really good! I’m also using the app that comes with the books and disks amongst other apps like Imiwa & Hangul (I would post links, but I’m on satellite internet, and well…we’re running out of our data >_<)



I added a super cute cat charm to my traveler’s notebook. Thanks to September’s cat themed Doki Doki box!


My Night Vale books came today. It’s really cool of them to put the script in print. I also received my TAPS shirt from when I was on the Beyond Reality Radio show. I honestly didn’t expect a shirt though I gave them my address. It was an awesome surprise, because I’m a secret paranormal geek. Seriously, I watch ALL of the shows. I’m going through withdrawals not having Destination America right now. That channel legit ghost central, but our Direct TV does carry it on our current plan. Much bummer ;~; Next, Two Old Goats lotion. I’ve used this before, and it’s amazing. People in Fibromyalgia communities rave over it. And they’re right. I got two bottles with a pump through Amazon for not a bad price. Once again, I can’t link >_< sorry guys! But look it up. It helps with pain, and it gentle. Last but not least, got a six disk set of the Japanese version of the One Missed Call trilogy. And all for under $15 which is awesome. Out of all the Asian horror films I’ve ever seen, I have not seen One Missed Call! Not even the Americanized remake. So this will be fun ^_^


I’m loving the company of my therapist. I just started seeing her, only two sessions so far. She gave me this stone to help combat feelings of anxiety and self harm. Focusing on holding the stone, the details of it, etc. It helps.


Okay, so I lined up all of my essential oil blends. I found a pattern: they all have peppermint oil in them. Even if it’s not on the front of the bottle, it’s in the ingredients lists. As much as I like peppermint, I’m sick and tired of peppermint overpowering the other scents. Started using my single notes, mainly sweet orange. But…


…my therapist recommended this oil. We used it in session, and it helped my racing, hypomanic brain. I was so impressed I had to buy a bottle. It was pricey, but I consider it more like medication really.

Anyway, I’m going to stop here. Hope you all are well