For those who don’t know, I’ve lived on a farm since I was 4 years old. Well, we have to leave.

I am 29 years old now. We lost all ability to care for the farm nor pay for it. There’s also legal reasons I can’t discuss. Basically, we lost the farm. It was supposed to be our forever home. Mom was supposed to be buried there, as ridiculously depressing as that sounds.

I’ve moved my things completely to our new house which is a cabin deep in the forest on the side of a mountain. It’s beautiful. I can’t complain. I shouldn’t. Yesterday, everything was moved and the papers signed. The farm is no longer ours.


Here’s the key with which we used to lock our front porch door. It’s amazing to me. I remember it being a part of my childhood and teenage years. It’s just a key, you know. I hold it and cry until I can’t breathe. Everything will be alright.

I decided to create a blog post about my “new life” intermingled with my old and things that are keeping me sane.



First, I found my slippers in all of the packed-up mess. Second, I’m illogically obsessed when it comes to pillows. I have five pillows on my bed currently, and I finally changed the pillowcase on one. I bought the pillowcase (and its twin) from a shop on Etsy that I can’t remember…it’s been over a year. The great thing about the new house is my bed is amazing.


I will soon have all my non-storage books on my bookshelf + DVDS/Blurays organized. As in today. I’ve been slowly unpacking, mainly grabbing things I need. I really should start unpacking things less important but still important.

FullSizeRender 2

Not my photo, but I ordered this traveler’s notebook (well, technically it’s custom, so it won’t be exactly like it). It is made by SincerelyInked on Etsy. I’m in love. It’s a quote I love, and it’s very unique. I think it’s high time I have a new TN. Or maybe not. I’m not quite sure. All I know is it will make me happy and will be well used.

Okay, so I’ve fallen on the coloring bandwagon…even joined a Facebook group dedicated to it. My friend Jessica got me a Kwaidan-themed coloring book. Then I got the tokidoki coloring book. Invested in Prismacolor pencils, though they cost me under $10 with a spare gift card and coupon. I feel this is a nice distraction for me. I would recommend it to others.


I’m in a group where people send out penpal mail. The creator of the group, Lori, sent me a card containing a quote I will be using as a book mark. Very sweet of her, considering I don’t know her that well. I’ve been so busy I’ve forgotten life outside it all exists.


Since I’m in the woods, often not leaving the house for days on end, you can kinda see a pattern; I’m picking up crafts. From photography to coloring, it’s working out. I will soon pick up knitting more often that I do. This shawl needs knitting definitely. I need it finished by December, you know?


Here is my cat, Yuki. We’ve locked her and another cat, Kali in my room, connected bathroom, and blocked off hallway. We want to get most of the upstairs unpacking done so we don’t spook them. So they’re chilling in this area for a while.


Found my Nikon digital camera which means I will have photographs for you all maybe if you’d like them?


Tonight’s candles and stones. I’m finished with this post finally. Life won’t be too terrible. Life will be survivable.



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